Puzzle Box Academy Admission

The admissions process at Puzzle Box Academy is a series of conversations, information, data collection, and observations conducted by the Puzzle Box Academy Admissions Team. The goal is to best understand the individual needs of your child. During this process, families come to understand that Puzzle Box Academy stands by its mission to provide a comprehensive integrated academic and therapeutic program, customized for every student. We encourage you to schedule a tour of our school so you can meet us in person and allow us to answer your many questions.

Admission to Puzzle Box Academy is based on space available and careful consideration of the following:

  • Whether Puzzle Box Academy can support development in the applicant
  • A match between Puzzle Box Academy’s and an Applicant Family’s philosophy of educating a child with Autism
  • Class dynamics between the group of applicants and current student population

Steps in the Process

  • Please make sure to submit all documentation requested, as an application is not reviewed until all materials and application fee are received.
  • After thoughtful review of an individual application, the Admissions Team may ask to schedule a time to observe an applicant.
  • Parents may also be asked to participate in a family interview, as Puzzle Box seeks to work with families who share similar educational and therapeutic philosophies.
  • If, after review of a student's application and conducting a personal observation, the Puzzle Box Academy Admissions Team believes the school can support an individual student's gifts and challenges, an offer of admission will be made.

Elements of the Admissions Process

  • Completion of admissions materials, including application, registration fee, and related documents
  • Additional observations may be conducted on-site
  • Family interview, when appropriate
  • At the end of the process, a placement review meeting will be scheduled to discuss our recommendations for your student

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Admission Documents:

In-Home Scholarship Application

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