In today’s information-driven, scrolling-news feed age, people seem to be busier than ever before. While it’s true that technological leaps in the past few decades have made our lives much easier, in many ways, they’ve also become more complicated. 

If you’re a working parent here in Brevard County, then you’ve likely taken your kid(s) to an aftercare program. Most schools usually get out around 2-3pm, so many of those students need a safe, productive, and fun place to spend the rest of the afternoon. Have you considered an alternative to traditional daycare that supplements your child’s academic experience? 

Academic Enrichment Programs 

While we specialize in providing a tight-knit network of schools here in Brevard County, Puzzle Box Academy is also proud to provide academic enrichment programs, a worthwhile after-school program designed to build on your child’s education. Our academic enrichment program is open to all students. 

Local Schools That We Serve

When you’re busy at work, you likely don’t have time to come pick up your kid(s) and take them to an aftercare center — that would defeat the point, right? Puzzle Box Academy provides worry-free transportation from the following schools in the area: 

  • Quest Elementary
  • Manatee Elementary
  • Ralph Williams Elementary
  • Viera Charter School
    (limited spaces available)

Our safety-first bus drivers will shuttle students from these schools Monday-Friday, so you can focus on work and rest assured that your child is in a safe and productive learning environment. 

The Importance Of Learning Life Skills At A Young Age

Our academic enrichment program isn’t just an extension of your child’s education in the traditional classroom. Instead of focusing on purely academic content like reading, writing, and mathematics, we touch on many practical life skills necessary to become a functioning, healthy and productive adult. Some of the skills that we’ll teach include (but aren’t limited to): 

  • Cooking
  • Attending to personal hygiene
  • Managing laundry
  • Ordering in restaurants
  • Navigating throughout the community
  • Fostering and maintaining friendships
  • Learning to play the piano

While many of these skills sound rudimentary, it’s important to have a solid grasp on them, especially when your child is at a young, impressionable age. Mastering various life skills will help your child establish a strong foundation of independence, self-esteem, and the ability to make healthy choices. They’ll also learn how to better cope with stress and anxiety — something that most adults could use some help with from time to time. 

Building Relationships With Fellow Peers

Beyond learning and play, social development is a significant aspect of our academic enrichment programs. Our goal is for students to get to know other students in one of two age groups (3-6 and 7-13), to problem solve together and ultimately develop stellar communication skills that they’ll eventually depend on in the “real world.” 

Looking For An After-School Program In Viera Or Brevard County? 

For after-school care that goes far beyond traditional daycare, choose Puzzle Box Academy and our network of schools. To learn more about how we can help your child thrive, please get in touch with the Puzzle Box team today. 

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