Regardless of who you’re parenting or what your parenting style is, there’s no doubt in any mom or dad’s mind that parenting requires a great deal of patience. Children are curious, energetic, and full of ambition. It’s a beautiful thing to witness your kid’s unwavering wonder for the world around them and constant pursuit of discovery, but moderating their discovery to keep them safe can be nothing shy of exhausting. 

As a parent of a child with autism, you may find that your kid is far more hyperactive than other children in their age group. It’s not uncommon for autistic learners to bring similar levels if not higher levels of energy and hyperactivity to the classroom (and home) compared to children with ADD or ADHD, and while it can be tiring to constantly manage those energy levels, it’s your parental responsibility to make sure that they’re learning and growing both positively and effectively. 

Our Brevard County Centers For Autism Education: Here To Help

At Puzzle Box Academy, it’s also our responsibility to foster the potential of your child. Through our close-knit network of autism schools in Brevard County including Melbourne, Rockledge, Palm Bay, and Viera (coming soon!), we’re here to learn and grow with your child and help develop their practical skills and academic knowledge. Our comprehensive, science-based approach to autism education in Florida is unique and unparalleled, and everyday, we’re proud to do what we do! 

In another blog post from Puzzle Box Academy, we take a look at four essential tips to help busy parents help manage and work through their child’s hyperactive tendencies. Let’s take a look. 

4 Effective Ways To Work Through Hyperactivity 

#1: Create and Reinforce Everyday Routines

We’ve touched on the importance of establishing and reinforcing routines with your autistic learner. Hyper, energetic kids (often characteristic of those with autism) are known to respond well to structure as this encourages a stable, consistent way of living. If you don’t yet have a solid, actionable routine in place that’s easy to follow and realistic to reinforce, we strongly recommend doing so. 

Here are a few simple examples to help get you started: laying out an outfit for the next day, putting together a boxed lunch in the morning, or walking the dog in the afternoon. Multiple routine items can also be effective when they’re combined, just be sure not to put too much on your kid’s plate. 

#2: Think It Through and Speak Out-Loud Before Acting

At any point throughout the week, anyone could benefit from stepping away from a situation, taking a quick breath, and really putting some thought into what they’re about to say or do. Physically speaking out-loud before your child acts a certain way can be incredibly beneficial to avoid rash, irrational, and even regrettable behavior. 

Self-control, or a lack thereof, is a distinct component of hyperactivity and autism. Encouraging your child to think out-loud before they act can really help reinforce a healthy level of self-conscience in many different situations. 

#3: Burn Energy Through Exercise Or Other Physical Activities

What’s a good way to release pent-up mental energy? Burn it off physically! Play and exercise are integral components of our autism schools here in Florida, and each Puzzle Box Academy campus strives hard to incorporate as much physical exercise and fun as appropriate. 

Supervised physical activity can help decrease impulsivity, improve concentration, and reduce fidgeting when it’s time to sit down and be calm. 

#4: Give Yourself a Break (and Outside Help) When You Can

As a parent, your autistic child may look up to you as a superhero — and that’s a wonderful thing! But at the end of the day, you’re human just like everyone else, and your patience, energy, and engagement levels will wear down. That’s why it’s important to know when to take a break, relax, and take some time for yourself. Don’t be afraid to hire a babysitter or switch off parental duties between you and your partner. 

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