by Brittney Hummel Ladwig

When asked to write about a mentor who has helped guide me along the way, a lot comes to mind. There have been a lot of people who helped get me where I am today. That is just it, where I am today has a lot to do with one person in particular. She has made me a stronger teacher. This person doesn’t get upset with you if you make a mistake, she turns it into a teachable moment for you to learn from. She even admits when she makes mistakes as well. Also that it is perfectly fine to do so, I mean if you didn’t how else are you going to grow?. This person goes that extra mile to make sure you are okay even if she is not on the clock. Willing to help you with any questions you have even if she doesn’t know the answer she will go out of her way of finding it. She’s a hard worker who I am blessed to have learned so much from already. This person makes me excited to go to work. I am very lucky she has taken the time to work with me and help me train.
Puzzle Box is new to me, I used to be a preschool teacher at a daycare. We went on a tour to see how things worked at puzzle box and I am going, to be honest, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be the place for me. Seeing how different it was from a preschool I wasn’t sure if I was good enough or knowledgeable to help these children in the way they needed it. I was worried I was going to fail at this and them. Boy oh boy was I wrong, my mentor has shown me many new teaching methods and to help these children in ways I didn’t think I could. She has turned my thinking all around and helped build my confidence up. I get excited to put what I learned into each day and work with these children. Reading this I bet you all are wondering who this special person is.  Well, I can’t thank you enough Tracey (Mrs.D) for all you have done and taught me along the way. I am very lucky to be a part of Puzzlebox and your classroom. You still teach me new things every day and I feel like I am improving.
Puzzlebox is such a special place to work and anyone would be lucky enough to be a part of this team. If you also think about it, these kids are our mentors as well, they teach us just as much as we teach them. I know I have already learned so much from them in these past six months. I am also thankful for everyone along the way who has helped me get where I am today. If you think about it there is a little bit of a mentor in all of us and we do it without even knowing it.
-Here is more from another Mrs. Tracy has helped Amber Hutchison:
I can say that she is pretty amazing! She has always been there for me when I needed anything or needed to talk. I have learned so much from her even RBT things to use in the classroom. It was like she was teaching it and didn’t even know it. She has been there to boost my confidence in a lot of things. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to thank her for everything she does. And for all of that, I am extremely grateful for her.