The Morningside Model of Generative Instruction (MMGI) is a direct instruction program developed by the Morningside Academy and adopted by Puzzle Box Academy to help our students catch up, build, and get ahead. Since 2017, Puzzle Box Academy has implemented a modified version of the MMGI model with our student population. It is split into three phases: 


Phase I: Instruction (Mathematics/Direct Instruction) 

Phase II: Practice to fluency, with celeration (Precision Teaching) 

Phase III: Application to real-world activities which brings “Generalization” 


These opportunities allow for probing and prompting of any combination of skills, concepts, and principles that have been taught. The classrooms at Puzzle Box Academy are grouped homogenously for Reading, ELA/Writing, and Math. This means students are placed based on their functioning level within the curriculum. Our instruction is student-driven with an average 5:1 ratio for individualized opportunities to fill in gaps that other schools often ignore causing many students to fall through the cracks.