Welcome to our Virtual Open House! This open house was designed to give you a preview of the academics, programs, and services available at Puzzle Box Academy from the safety and convenience of your own home. Below you will see highlights from some of our talented teaches, behavioralists, and administrators who will help to make your child has the perfect environment and curriculum to meet their needs. Feel free to skip to subjects or grade levels that suit what you are looking for and fill out the contact us form at the top of the page or email us at info@puzzleboxacademy.com with any questions you may have!


Michelle Jean-Pierre is Dean of Students and will give you a preview of things you will enjoy in this Virtual Open House!

Morningside and Assessments:

With Tracy and Val. Find out about how your child will be assessed and about our unique Morningside curriculum tailored to our students.

Reading K1 Haughton Phonemic Awareness Program:

Learn with one of our teachers, Mrs. Vanessa, how we help your child master phonetics and gain a basic understanding of language to give them a strong foundation in reading.

Reading K1 Headsprount Program:

Mrs. Tanaya will walk you through our Headsprount program designed to help your children learn with interactive technology.

Reading 3rd Grade Mastery Program:

Our reading mastery program, taught by Mrs. Cindi, will help to ensure that your child has great comprehension, recall, and understanding of what they have read.

Expressive Writing Program:

Join one of our teachers, Mr. John as he helps your child to learn to express themselves with writing and complete proper sentences and stories. Our program will help your child express their thoughts with writing that expresses their thoughts and emotions. By knowing how to dissect and assemble stories they will be able to craft their ideas into expressive writing!

Math: Number Worlds, Charting, and Full Mastery

Mrs. Todisco will walk you through the thorough way we teach our math curriculum to make sure that our students have full comprehension and consistent success.

Behavioral Support on Site and in the Classroom:

We do more than educate here at Puzzle Box Academy we also provide behavioral support for our students throughout their day. By ensuring that they have the support they need our students can learn more effectively in a better environment suited to their needs.

Therapy and Onsite Behavioral Services:

Puzzle Box Academy is proud to partner with Kaleidoscope Interventions for on-site therapy for your child. We specialize in applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy to help your child learn more effective coping mechanisms and more effective behaviors to meet their needs. Our therapists specialize in helping with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), obstinate defiant disorder (ODD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), and so much more. Let us help get your child the help they need to grow into their best selves.

Admissions and Scholarship:

Ready to get started? Our admissions and finance specialist will help you find the next step for your child. We can help you take the first step and find a place where your child fits.


Thank you for joining us for our Virtual Open House 2020! We hope to see you all soon! Here is our Director of Operations Dr. Tricia Frame to wrap things up. We hope to hear from you soon.