1. Dads Make a Difference: Tyreak Mclarty

    In this video, we sat down with staff member, Tyreak Mclarty, and asked him some important questions about fatherhood, what makes a good father, and what he sees good fathers doing for their kids here at our school. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy some words of wisdom from a wonderful dad.…Read More

  2. Kitchen Corner Episode 7: Cream Filled Donuts

    Welcome back to our Kitchen Corner for more natural environment teaching through cooking. Today we have a follow up to our most popular cooking corner video, Mmmm Donuts with Cream Filled Donuts. We will show you how to modify the recipe to create donuts that you can fill with a variety of fun options. In this week's video, we show both a Twinkie's filling as well as lemon cream. We are also bring…Read More

  3. Kitchen Corner Episode 6: Maple Bacon Ice Cream Cupcakes

    Welcome back to Kitchen Corner where we show you great recipes you can cook with your family at home and provide natural environment teaching! Today we have a special treat that combines some of the best flavors in the world! Maple Bacon Ice Cream Cupcakes! They taste as good as they sound and you can make them with your family and have a dessert your family will not soon forget! So join us in our…Read More

  4. Puzzle Box Parade 5/1

    Our first Puzzle Box Parade was a great success! There are always ways to show you care and stay safe! On Friday, May 1st we had a team of our teachers, administration, and clinicians go to the outside of our student's and client's homes and show them our support. It was wonderful to see our kids light up as they saw their teachers and therapists holding signs and showing their support. We look fo…Read More

  5. Kitchen Corner Ep 4: Quite Quick Quesadillas!

    Welcome back to our kitchen corner where we show you how to use cooking as natural environment training in your own home. Today we are making quesadillas! This simple and fast dish is a favorite of children and adults alike. They can even be a great way to introduce children to new flavors like green peppers and even mushrooms. You can also use cutting the quesadilla as a way to teach fundamentals…Read More

  6. Puzzle Box Academy Online Learning: “I’m so excited!”

    In response to the COVID 19 pandemic and the need for social distance, we launched our first online learning earlier this month. It has been a great success in helping our children learn from home and succeed. We are proud of the hard work and dedication that continues to go into this effort to keep our children safe and learning. We know that many of our students need personalized attention as so…Read More

  7. Kitchen Corner 3: Mmmm Donuts!

    Welcome back to our kitchen for more family fun and natural environment teaching! Today we are making some semi-homemade donuts! They are simply fast and delicious! Please enjoy these great donuts in your home as you make them and savor them as a family! From our family to yours we hope you enjoy them! https://youtu.be/WQAUZGwdUuA…Read More

  8. Staying Safe and Looking Good

    Dear Puzzle Box Academy family, Today we want to thank Michael Emmanuel Courtore and Pamela Furr for working together to help keep our clients and staff safe! These beautiful masks created by designer Michael Emmanuel are comfortable, durable, washable, and contain a pocket for filters to be placed inside. We are thankful for these masks and are using them to help teach our kids why people are wea…Read More

  9. Puzzle Box Community Update 4

    Hello Puzzle Box Community! We have a new update for you from our founder Pamela Furr. We know times are strange but we are here for you to make sure your child has access to the virtual learning they need and the clinical services to help through our clinical partner Kaleidoscope Interventions. We are continuing our virtual school throughout the end of this school year and taking steps to keep ou…Read More