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Whether it’s our dynamic academic programming, caring and compassionate behavior therapy, or our social experiences, discover what families love most about Puzzle Box Academy.

I could not ask for a better environment for my kids to grow and learn to love learning. The entire staff is amazing and love what they do. I feel like I am leaving my children with individuals who are not only great at what they do, but also love our kids and make them feel confident about themselves. It has been a blessing and a huge relief to have found this school. We are so very grateful!

Gia O

My son has blossomed into a little man here. I was tired of public schools treatment of him so we came here last year. I couldn’t imagine him being anywhere else. This school is a godsend.

Kimberly C

My son is currently attending here. I toured the facility on Thursday and was incredibly impressed by the facility, the staff and administrators and the genuine care and concern for the children in their charge.

Stephen F

This school has made such a HUGE impact on Kyle’s life. ..and in all of our lives! Absolutely the most amazing school with the most phenomenal teachers! Keep up the great work! !!

Heather E

My friend Margaret and I took a tour of the puzzle box academy and it was wonderful. We learned that they will be adding a third facility on NASA blvd. Called the Holz Center for children with autism who are between the ages of 6 and 12+ who are in need of more intensive ABA therapy. They will receive one on one attention.

Marykate P

My son attends Puzzle Box, it has been the most outstanding program!! The best staff in the county! Could not ask for anything better for my little guy!

Robin B

Great staff who are highly knowledgeable about autistic children.

Debbie G

The best place for your kids to excel in learning. Therapy combined with education.

Jesse H

Puzzle Box Academy has turned our son into the best form of himself. Before coming here, he seemed to be locked inside of himself; he was unable to get any of his needs and wants across, unable to sit still and participate in class, he was unaware of how to really play. Since being at Puzzle Box Academy, our son is talking a little bit more every day, playing, sitting down and learning, and he is truly happy! Our family is in shock at how far he has come in less than a year. We have spent many days crying HAPPY tears for a change, because of everything our son has overcome, how loved he is there, and how the road ahead looks . I would highly recommend Puzzle Box Academy to any family dealing with ASD, ADHD, and the like.


After a year in public school our child regressed in behavior, communicating her needs and was not a happy child in school. Puzzle Box gave us our happy girl back. We are thankful because the progress has been amazing and our girl is happy and thriving in school and at home. I recommend Puzzle Box Academy because their dedication brings results and a sense of accomplishment to our kids. We love Puzzle Box Academy!


Our son has gone to other schools in the past. Many times he has begged to stay home. That’s not the case with Puzzle Box Academy! Since attending PBA, he actually WANTS to go! He has made significant improvements in his social skills. He loves the staff because they genuinely care for the well-being of each student. PBA has been a shining light for our family when we didn’t know what to do. I still pinch myself and ask, “Am I dreaming?” PBA is real, they’re changing lives, and they can do the same for your family. You owe it to yourself and your family to check them out!


Thank you for everything, Pam! It means so much to us. We truly appreciate everything you, James and the staff of Puzzle Box Academy have done for Evan! You are much more than just a school to us, you are like family. I consider us extremely lucky to have had such a positive and successful first school experience for Evan. The school that Evan will attend in Colorado Springs has some big shoes to fill.

Eva - Parent

Hi Pam, I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for letting us come to tour Puzzle Box this morning. It was such a pleasure to meet Paulie, Craig, and Tricia – they were so friendly and patient about answering all of our questions! It was a really nice opportunity for my students to see applications of behavior analysis that they’ve only read about – precision teaching, Direct Instruction, good behavior game, etc. I got to see a couple of the teachers doing board work and they were AWESOME! It’s hard to believe that you guys only started implementing those procedures in August. I know how hard it is to implement system changes, so it just speaks to the quality of the team you’ve got there. I’m really impressed! I can’t wait to see your other services! Warm regards, Katie Katie Nicholson, Ph.D., BCBA-D Assistant Professor, Florida Institute of Technology Faculty Supervisor, The Scott Center for Autism Treatment 150 West University Boulevard Melbourne, FL 32901 (321) 674-8106 cnicholson@fit.edu

Katie Nicholson, Ph.D., BCBA-D - Assistant Professor, Florida Institute of Technology

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