Transitional Living Academy

Empowering Exceptional Students for Life's Journey

oung individuals gathered around a book, participating in a session at the Transitional Living Academy Program.

About The Transitional Academy

At Puzzle Box Academy’s Transitional Academy, we understand the unique needs of exceptional students aged 13-23 who may face challenges in traditional academic environments. Our dedicated instructors focus on developing independent living skills, executive functioning, and job skills.

Key Focus Areas:

Decision-Making Mastery
  • Teach your child to make informed decisions.
  • Importance of gathering information and
    considering consequences.
Self-Advocacy Development
  • Building confidence through speaking up for
  • Ensuring individual needs are effectively
    communicated and met.
Time Management Expertise
  • Learn the value of time management.
  • Stay organized and make the most out of every
Library Resource Utilization
  • Discover the wealth of knowledge in libraries.
  • Maximize library card benefits for educational
Public Transportation Skills
  • Gain confidence in navigating public
  • Learn safe and efficient usage for independence.
Effective Communication Techniques
  • Explore various communication methods:
  • Text, email, regular mail, phone calls, and face-toface

Why Choose Us

Experienced Instructors

Our skilled educators provide individualized attention.

Small Group Setting

Maximum of 10 students for personalized guidance

Life-Long Skills

Focus on independent living, executive functioning, and job skills


Equip your child with the tools they need for a successful future

Join Us On The Journey To Success!

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