Puzzle Box Academy – Palm Bay Campus

Puzzle Box Academy – Palm Bay (K-8) is the premier location for exceptional alternative education. Puzzle Box Academy has a unique model of education applied to all students to succeed, yielding advancement in grade levels 1.5-2 years in a single school year. We call it the Aspire program as we aim to aspire both our students and our teachers to success.

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Puzzle Box Academy – Melbourne Campus

Puzzle Box Academy – Melbourne is the home of our headquarters where our administrative staff work diligently to support our staff and our families. Our Melbourne Campus is also the home of our Transitional Academy where students age 10-23 work to learn daily living skills, independently living skills, and job skills. Finally our Melbourne campus is home to our junior high and high school, Legacy High School.

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Puzzle Box Academy – Rockledge Campus

Puzzle Box Academy – Rockledge, in the heart of Central Florida, offers Early Intervention, Pre-K, and TK1 class. This preparatory school is staffed with dedicated specialists to address individual student delays and help every child succeed towards their journey.

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