Welcome to Puzzle Box Academy!

Puzzle Box Academy is a private school serving children (currently Kindergarten through 8th Grade) impacted by Autism and other developmental delays such as ADD/ADHD. The Academy offers a comprehensive educational and therapeutic program. Specifically, Puzzle Box provides students with a customized academic plan, integrating proven, research-based therapeutic strategies into every learning task.

The Academy is unique from the public school settings, as Puzzle Box offers year-round school, low student to teacher ratio (5:1), and additional therapies (occupational, speech and language, music, art, behavior, social cognition, daily living practice, and peer buddies). Currently, there is no model like Puzzle Box in the state of Florida.

Puzzle Box Academy believes that all students affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders can reach their fullest potential through an education based in both a structural and playful environment. Each child's particular strengths and challenges are constantly assessed to direct the child's teachers in selecting best practice teaching methods for each individual child. Moreover, Puzzle Box Academy maintains that all students learn with greater ease when their natural interests and affinities are honored throughout the school day.

Puzzle Box Academy currently:

  • Serving Children and Adolescents affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (Kindergarten through 8th Grade)
  • Running a Year-Round School Model (students have 7 weeks off dispersed throughout the 12 month school year)
  • Has Staff who are highly qualified and continue to participate in current professional development
  • Has a Full Day Program
  • Offers Before and After Care Including Drop off at 7:30 a.m. and pick up by 5:30 p.m.
  • Student to Adult ratio 5:1
  • Fundraising events support the student’s individualized tuition
  • McKay, Gardiner (formerly PLSA)

Located in Palm Bay (Space Coast), Florida: Site offers an over-sized occupational therapy room, "green" outdoor playgrounds, classroom libraries, technology (classroom iPad labs), student-friendly kitchen, and large classrooms.

Our Core Values

The mission of Puzzle Box Academy is to provide comprehensive, individualized, science-based education not otherwise available in our community. We believe children with autism and other developmental delays deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. The school’s curriculum provides effective treatment and education programs to children and their families based on Applied Behavior Analysis accompanied with Speech and Occupational Therapy.

Our History

Puzzle Box Academy was founded in 2014 in the State of Florida by a mother of a child with Autism who saw the need for high-quality early intervention in Brevard county. Through her journey, she has set out to provide a school where families can rely on their children getting the special attention the child deserves without the obstacles most families face with an exceptional education student. "Families should be able to focus on what is important at home; confidence, security, love and acceptance of our children's quirks. Families should not have to battle the system for the special environments their children need to thrive."

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