Puzzle Box Academy

Florida’s Premier Alternative Learning Academy for Exceptional Students.

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Enroll Your Child today in Florida’s premier alternative learning academy, where every child succeeds through individualized education plans.

Why choose us?

At Puzzle Box Academy, we redefine educational excellence for exceptional students through alternative learning and individual education plans where there are no limits to every child’s success.

What We Offer

  • Tailored Learning Environments 
  • Science-Based Approach 
  • Experienced Staff 
  • Top Rated ABA Therapy

Inspiring – Lifelong – Learning

Reasons why we stand out

A woman assisting an elementary school child with a paper

Personalized Learning

Tailored education, empowering each student's unique journey

A woman assisting a child with a puzzle in a Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program.

Expert Guidance

Highly qualified staff fostering student growth for lifelong success

Two children happily building with blocks in an Elementary School classroom.

Specialized Therapies

Priority access to ABA therapies and early interventions