1. 2021 Virtual Open House

    Check out our new Virtual Open House, and learn all about the amazing things that are happening at Puzzle Box Academy! Pre-registration for Fall 2021 is now open with limited space, act now!…Read More

  2. Data-Driven Education

    When a student applies for admission into the Academic program at Puzzle Box Academy, the Academic Assessment Team collects as much data as possible to place the student into the correct homogeneous grouping or functioning level for each core subject area. Puzzle Box Academy uses several different types of assessment tools to gather data to analyze each student’s progress monitoring throughout t…Read More

  3. January 2021 Parent Training

    https://youtu.be/UGFgSWQKZC0 It's that time everyone! That's right, it's time for another parent training! This one is brought to us by Val Forte and Brittany Boganski, two very talented staff members within the PBA/KI family. They are going to be talking to us about Functions of Behavior, be sure to answer all the questions within the video!…Read More

  4. Morningside Model of Generative Instruction (MMGI) at PBA

    The Morningside Model of Generative Instruction (MMGI) is a direct instruction program developed by the Morningside Academy and adopted by Puzzle Box Academy to help our students catch up, build, and get ahead. Since 2017, Puzzle Box Academy has implemented a modified version of the MMGI model with our student population. It is split into three phases:     Phase I: Instruction (Mathematics/Dire…Read More

  5. Personal Safety

    Puzzle Box Academy (PBA) will be initiating a Personal Safety program as part of our curriculum to teach our students basic facts about safety and hygiene, physical and social safety, identifying and reporting events, tolerating medical examinations, learning the difference between good versus bad touches, tolerating medical examinations, maintaining personal space, understanding the different exp…Read More

  6. So You Think Can Cook?

    https://youtu.be/GToomC8vdgk Many of you will recall our staff cooking competition, "So You Think You Can Cook?", well get ready to experience the fun and chaos of the final competition between our members of the Blue team and the Red team. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!…Read More

  7. Kaleidoscope Corner- Episode 41- Sensory Activities

    https://youtu.be/blNg9jaEkKQ In this episode, Bijan and Victoria discuss the topic of Sensory Activities. They define what they are, how they relate to therapy, and how we use Sensory Activities at our clinic. Kaleidoscope Interventions is a children's therapy center located in Brevard County, Florida. We are in association with Puzzle Box Academy, a private school for children with developmental …Read More

  8. Personal Safety Parent Training

    https://youtu.be/WWuijbaUps8 This episode revolves around the importance of teaching our children the importance of safety. Missy Owen provides a rich and in-depth dive into the statistics and warning signs of potentially dangerous situations that children can learn to avoid.…Read More

  9. Kaleidoscope Corner- Episode 34- Assessments

    https://youtu.be/tcpgdjacq8A This week's episode, hosted by Bijan and Missy, explores the various assessments that we use at our facilities. These assessments help us to better prepare our clients for a better future by being able to track their success.…Read More

  10. COVID-19 Parent Training

    https://youtu.be/OM4HEY-UiPk Welcome to our COVID-19 Parent Training, brought to you by our clinical partners at Kaleidoscope Interventions. This training will feature instructions for face masks, proper handwashing, and safe socialization. Today we are fortunate to have three presenters, Brittany Boganski BCBA, Valerie Forte BCBA, and Dianna Carlos BCBA. As always, if you are one of our parents t…Read More