Puzzle Box Academy-Palm Bay Location

Palm Bay, FL Location

Top Alternative Learning Academy providing Early Intervention, Pre-K, and Elementary education K-6th grade.

Private School Program In Palm Bay, Florida

Your Early Intervention Partner

Our programs are designed to support exceptional and developmentally delayed students in their educational journey. We also believe high-quality education should be accessible to all and strive to make tuition affordable.

  • A full academic school year with federal holidays, spring, summer, and winter break
  • Low student-to-adult ratio
  • Fundraising events to support the in-house scholarships for families in need, and school events for students at little to no cost
  • Tuition supplemented by the Family Empowerment Scholarship 
  • Staff who are highly qualified and participate in continued professional development
  • Puzzle Box Academy offer educational options from Pre-K-6.
  • We partner with Legacy Junior and Senior High School for 7-12 options.
  • Our partnership with Kaleidoscope Interventions provides students with priority receiving ABA therapies through early intervention, in-school services, and parent training.

We also believe that money shouldn’t be a barrier to your child’s education. We accept funding from various scholarship programs to ensure your child receives the expert academic and social programming needed to reach their full potential.

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