What Separates Our Network Of Autism Schools In Brevard County From Public Schools?

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Early childhood education, including learning basic living skills, serves as the basis for setting your child’s foundation. At a young age, children tend to absorb information and stimuli like sponges, and it’s during this early stage of life that these learners are perhaps the most impressionable. In short, providing your child with the best possible education and after-school care is something that all parents can get behind. 

The Challenge Of Obtaining The “Right” Education

Naturally, providing all children with an equal, fair and personalized education is easier said than done. Each child is completely unique and, therefore, requires different approaches to education in order to be an engaged and efficient learner. Here in Brevard County, public schools seek to provide thousands of children with an education that meets Florida State Standards. However, students often lack the basic foundations needed to thrive and move to the next level.

At Puzzle Box Academy we offer comprehensive, individualized, science-based education not otherwise available within our community.  In addition, Puzzle Box Academy offers therapeutic services, and academic enrichment for students and other children with developmental delays, which helps pave the way for your child’s success. Learn more about what makes Puzzle Box Academy different by reading below. 

Puzzle Box Academy: A Place Where Children Thrive

Not Your Traditional School

As a private school in Brevard County, FL, we are able to offer customized academic plans for your child’s unique needs. Our Morningside Model of Generative Instruction and teaching style combined with the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis can be broken down into three main components: 

  • Comprehensive – Going beyond the standard curriculum taught in public schools, Puzzle Box Academy emphasizes real-world, practical skills in addition to a number of extracurricular activities and therapies. With us, your child’s education is holistic. 
  • Individualized – We are proud to have a very low student-to-teacher ratio of 5:1, meaning that your child will always receive ample attention every day. In addition, we provide instruction tailored to meet each child’s needs, enabling them to catch up, build up and get ahead.
  • Science-based – Centered around the highly esteemed principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, we partner with Kaleidoscope Interventions to provide our network of autism schools with Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians that produce real, measurable results. 

Puzzle Box Academy offers schools for the developmentally delayed and neurotypical child.  Our schools offer a tight-knit teacher-student-parent relationship that public schools and other private schools simply can’t offer. In fact, as of this writing, there is no academic model like Puzzle Box Academy in the entire state of Florida.

Constant Assessment Without Self-Conscious Oversight

It is our firm belief that all students, including those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders, can and will! thrive through immersion in a structured yet creative and playful environment. The fact that developmentally delayed students have unique needs and characteristics is consistently taken into account when it comes to assessing their progress. Quantifying the students’ progress, in turn, greatly aids their teacher to help him or her select best-practice teaching methods.  

Put simply, we know that your child will learn with greater ease and enjoyment when we honor their natural interests and inclinations. Through positive reinforcement and an encouraging, uplifting and high-energy environment, we’ll make sure that your learner is engaged. 

Autism Programs and Education With Your Child’s Needs In Mind

Raising a child affected by autism, in any capacity, can be extremely difficult. When your patience is constantly being put to the test, it’s frustrating to work with public schools who may struggle to properly accommodate your child. Puzzle Box Academy owner Pamela Furr and James Holz struggled to find the ideal environment for their child with autism, and their early childhood education experience drove them to found Puzzle Box Academy. 

Their firm belief is this: parents and families of autistic or developmentally delayed children shouldn’t have to fight tooth and nail to find the right learning environment. You should have access to a school that provides a comprehensive education for your child, and with multiple locations in Brevard County…you do! 

Morningside Model of Generative Instruction

While Puzzle Box Academy is here to help nurture and develop your child, we also offer a challenging academic environment. Our curriculum differs from traditional public schools, and though we still adhere to Florida State Standards, we’re the first school in Florida to combine these state standards with the Morningside Academy Curriculum. 

The Model of Generative Instruction involves pinpointing basic yet critical and specific skills, and teaching them through guided intensive instruction. By clearly presenting ways to apply these skills to the “real world” over time, these once simple skills become complex behavioral modalities that are demonstrated appropriately and carefully. 

Making Autism Education Affordable And Accessible In Brevard County

Due to our low student-teacher ratio and individualized approach to education, enrollment at Puzzle Box Academy is, naturally, more expensive than attending a public school. However, we do our part in helping fund your student’s individualized tuition. 

Puzzle Box Academy proudly hosts a number of fundraising events throughout the year. Tuition costs are also subsidized with the help of multiple organizations and scholarships including McKay, Gardiner, Step-up, and AAA. 

Learn More About Our Autism Schools In Palm Bay, Melbourne, And Beyond

Finding the right fit for your autistic child in a public school can be a challenge. But when you get to know the team at Puzzle Box Academy, you’ll find that our unique, hybrid approach to education and after-school academic enrichment may just be the right fit. Who knows? Maybe we’re the final piece of the puzzle that you’ve been searching for! 

To learn more about our schools in Palm BayMelbourne, and Rockledge (opening August 2019), feel free to take a virtual tour or contact us directly. We hope to see you and your student soon!

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